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Saturday, May 30, 2015

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City of
Glenn Heights, TX
Monday - Friday
8:00 am - 5:00 pm
Phone 972-223-1690
Fax 972-223-9307
1938 S. Hampton
Glenn Heights, TX 75154
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Steve Chutchian
Public Works Director
2118 S. Uhl Road
Glenn Heights, TX 75154
Phone: 972-274-5100
Fax: 972-274-5110
The Public Works Department is responsible for Streets, Parks, Water and Sewer, Storm Water, and Drainage.
After hours emergency calls should go to 972-223-3478

Welcome to the Public Works
web page for the City of Glenn Heights.

Public Works provides services that affect the daily lives of all of Glenn Height's citizens and many visitors. In Public Works, strives to provide quality service to our customers
and to meet the needs of our citizens, provide safe drinking
water, sanitary sewer service, family friendly parks and adequate drainage. All of these services to insure a community suited for comfortable living.
There are five divisions in Public Works Department:
Streets Division
Public Works realizes that there are problem areas on some Glenn Height's streets. A 5-year plan is being developed to improve maintenance and street repair. If you want to report a pothole or problem please use the Citizens Action Center or call 972-274-5100.
Parks Division
The City strives to maintain and improve park usability, provide family oriented facilities, keep the parks clean to provide for a safe environment.

The City has 8 soccer fields, 2 baseball fields, a Concession stand, a basket ball ball court and a pavilion as well as
picnic tables and walking paths.

City facilities can be rented for events or even family outings.

If you have a problem or suggestion feel contact the Parks Department or Citizen Action Center.

Water Division
Public Works Staff work to insure that the City has clean potable water for our customers to use for their homes and recreation. The City currently purchases most of the water used by citizens from Dallas Water Utilities. And has 1 million gallons of elevated storage which provides pressure to the citizens. Additionally, 1.75 million gallons of ground storage that is used to operate the system as well.

Each month Public Works staff members collect bacteriological samples for testing to insure that the drinking water is safe from pathogenic organisms.

Public Works staff attends training and and have attained Water Operator certification from Texas Commission for Environmental Quality.

Wastewater Division
Public Works Staff take care of the sewer lines to remove the wastes from homes and businesses.

In working with the environment Public Works Staff labors to improve and conserve natural environment resources. Trinity River Authority currently treats the wastewater that is produced in the City of Glenn Heights.

Public Works Staff is making improvements in the collection system to control the inflow and infiltration or rain water which drives up the treatment to the City. As in the Water Division, Public Works Staff attends training and are tested for Wastewater Operator certification from Texas Commission for Environmental Quality.

Storm Water Management Division

Storm Water Management is a result of National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Storm Water Program which regulates storm water discharges from three potential sources: municipal separate storm sewer systems (MS4s), construction activities, and industrial activities.

Most storm water discharges are considered point sources and operators of these sources may be required to receive an NPDES permit before they can be discharged. This permitting mechanism is designed to prevent storm water runoff from washing harmful pollutants into local surface waters such as streams, rivers, lakes or coastal waters.

What does this means to Glenn Heights? The City must have a permit through the State and is required to monitor construction, mark drains, provide cleanup activities, and participate in education programs.

Drainage Division
Drainage is related to the storm water program however there are other facets as well. Drainage must provide an avenue to move rain water away from homes and businesses in a safe and efficient manner. Public Works department maintain the storm drains as well the drainage easements.

Solid Waste and Recycling
Once a week garbage pickup will begin on November 2, 2010. Garbage pickup will be on Tuesdays.
Additionally on Tuesday Waste Management will be collecting up to 4 cubic yards of brush and/or bulky waste.
Four cubic yards is about the size of 2 washers and 2 dryers. Anything over the 4 cubic yards can be picked up for $9.66 per cubic yard. If more than 4 cubic yards is placed by the garbage poly cart then Waste Management will take a picture, remove 4 cubic yards, take another picture and turn in the pictures and a cost to the Water Customer Service Clerks at City Hall. Residents can then pay the Customer Service Clerks for the additional collection.
Notices - Quick Links
Office Hours:
Monday - Friday,
8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

After hours emergency

Customer Confidence Report
EPA Storm Water Basic information
AWWA Water loss calculator

Another new service available to residents is “special care” service. Those residents who cannot physically roll a cart or bin to the street can fill out a disability form at City Hall. The approved form will be sent to Waste Management and the special care service will be provided to that residential unit if there is no able bodied person occupying that residence.
Also beginning on November 2, 2010 recycling will be picked every Wednesday. A 96 gallon recycling cart with yellow lid will be delivered to each customer.
Recycling can reduce garbage by 40%. Plastics, newspapers, aluminum cans, magazines, phonebooks, card board all should be recycled.
Recycling materials DO NOT have to be sorted, just placed in the recycling bin and taken out to the street for pick up on Wednesday. Please help us in saving our planet and reduce our waste stream by recycling.
Backflow Prevention
If you have an irrigation meter attached to a City water main it is required to be tested each year. The backflow preventers are there to protect the water supply and insure clean safe water to our customers. Backflow testers must have a permit to test in the City of Glenn Heights. Please have your backflow preventers tested yearly.
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