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City of Glenn Heights
The City of Glenn Heights participates in the OMNIBASE program for denial of your driver’s license until your outstanding cases are resolved with the court ($30.00 fee).
You can search online HERE
When a person is arrested for an outstanding Class C misdemeanor warrant, he/she may be able to post a surety or appearance bond to secure a release from jail while awaiting a hearing on the case. If the defendant has an outstanding capias pro fine warrant, only full payment of the amount owed in cash or money order is acceptable.
To obtain an appearance/surety bond, you should contact a surety who has the proper authority to post a bond with the Court. The surety will collect a fee for this service. The fee is generally a percentage of the total bail required to pay the fines. The surety fee is generally non-refundable and is not paid to the Court for the citation(s). An Appearance/Surety Bond will be the amount of the fines/fees owed.
Upon being arrested for outstanding Class C misdemeanor warrants, a defendant always has the ability to pay the total fines owed in cash to secure his or her release from jail. This is called posting a cash bond. The cash bond is generally collected at the jail where the defendant is incarcerated. The amount owed for outstanding warrants is forwarded from that jail to the Glenn Heights Municipal Court of Record.
After the Court receives the cash bond payment, the defendant will be notified of the date, time, and place of his or her bond hearing. Defendant is responsible for notifying the Court of any address changes. Failure to appear this hearing may result in the forfeiture of the cash bond(s) toward payment of the fines owed. If the Defendant appears at the bond hearing, he or she may still have the ability to request deferred disposition to keep the offenses from appearing on his or her driving/criminal record.
Capias pro fine warrants are not eligible for a pay plan. Payment in full is required.
Warrants that are not in capias pro fine status and where no plea has been entered may request a pay plan. Upon a plea of guilty or no contest, and waiver of jury/bench trial, the Court Clerk may process a payment plan upon the following terms for alias warrants
  1. Completion of a payment plan application/financial information statement.
  2. All payment plans are subject to $25 TPF fee if not paid by the 31st day.
  3. You must pay half of the balance owed and is due at time of request for a pay plan.
  4. Warrants shall be recalled from active status and from Dispatch.
  5. Payments determine by Clerk on the balance owed.
Failure to pay as ordered and agreed, will result in a capias pro fine warrant issued.
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